Ideal for any organization that wants premium data on air passenger traffic flows, IATA’s Passenger Traffic & Sales solutions use data from actual tickets booked by agencies and directly from airlines, providing unparalleled accuracy and reliability. 

Get premium source data for research, project development, and accurate decision-making.

  • Get access to granular and reliable passenger traffic numbers.
  • Create more robust, accurate, data-backed decisions with the most reliable passenger traffic and sales data.
  • Analyze passenger behavior on micro and macro levels.

Explore our products:

Direct Data Solutions (DDS)

Direct Data Solutions (1).png

Exclusive to airlines

Access the single largest global dataset of airline sales, market, and itinerary data for more accurate decision-making. 



Designed for airports

AirportIS offers the most comprehensive and accurate passenger traffic data across all geographic regions.



For organizations of all sizes

Get premium, primary data that gives you deep insight into global passenger flows from high-level and granular perspectives.

Nationality Traffic Report

Nationality Traffic Report.png

Created for airport retail

Understand passenger travel behavior and preference by nationality and airport location for accurate analyses.