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Data you can trust.

Access the most robust and reliable traffic data available to help grow passenger numbers, increase revenue, and expand your market.

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Increasing direct flights to your airport and expanding your overall market rely on strong relationships with airlines. However, you can’t create a fruitful business relationship without a credible business case backed by reliable data.

Why is reliable data so important?

  • Inaccurate data may lead to missing out on business opportunities.
  • Airlines need to be able to rely on your data, so they can make the right network, fleet, and scheduling decisions.

Accessing high-quality data quickly and efficiently is essential to your success. Unfortunately, finding that data can be more complicated than it should be. As the airline trade representative, IATA understands what airlines want and what airports need to create effective strategies and business cases mutually beneficial to all parties involved.

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That’s why we developed AirportIS.

AirportIS is a robust market intelligence tool that gives accurate traffic data to help you devise an effective air service development strategy. Much of this information is exclusive to IATA and AirportIS users. It also includes the most up-to-date schedule information.


With AirportIS you can:

  • Build credible business cases
  • Evaluate new routes with key point of sale data
  • Validate true market size dynamics
  • Improve your in-house demand forecasts
  • Understand and target true high-yield traffic
  • Benchmark your airport and determine market share
  • Access the data you need to build an accurate, data-backed growth plan

Offering simplicity and ease of use, AirportIS also gives you the most accurate data on total market supply and demand. Bundled with OAG Analyzer, AirportIS is the most powerful market intelligence and analysis tool available. It offers the most comprehensive ticket sales database across all geographic regions.

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AirportIS includes both indirect and direct sales data coming from over 100 airlines exclusively.


With full market coverage from direct airline sales including low-cost carriers, AirportIS can aggregate this information through a series of advanced algorithms and several unique databases available to IATA so that we can capture 100% of traffic worldwide.

Thanks to these innovations, you no longer need to rely on estimates. Updated regularly, AirportIS gives you timely, precise, and comprehensive information whenever needed. With AirportIS, you can make clear choices based on up-to-date, precise, and comprehensive data.

Use the platform to access:

  • Historical passenger data and future schedules
  • Schedules and capacity information, updated weekly
  • Global monthly passenger traffic flows, including complete itineraries
  • Airline details and point-of-sale information
  • Class-of-service and average fares


Don’t waste time and money with inaccurate data and guesswork.


Never undermine your credibility with insufficient or inaccurate data. Get the best tool to build the very best growth strategies and business cases for your airport. AirportIS gives you the credibility to build trusted partnerships to grow your business.

Find out how AirportIS can help you scale your business and expand your market.

Our AirportIS Experts can give you a demonstration of the tool and answer your questions. In addition, they will gladly present you the traffic data for a specific route relevant to airport, so you can see AirportIS's data accuracy for yourself.